The Swaggarts – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Paul clearly warned “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter among you, not sparing the flock.  Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.  Therefore, watch and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.”   Acts 20:29-31.

While Donnie and Frances Swaggart are constantly exposing the false teachings of  Kingdom-Now Dominion Theology which incorporates a Crusader mindset as it teaches that it is our Christian duty to take over the world in a political sense, and if necessary, in a military sense, Donnie  was in Australia  promoting the dominionists  agenda.

In, January 2011,  Donnie Swaggart was guest speaker at the ‘National Australia Day United Prayer.’   This ecumenical gathering led by Daniel Nalliah, President of Catch the Fire Ministries, Australia, had a clear Kingdom Now Dominion Theology mandate as is evident when reading the following excerpts from the ‘Australia Day United Prayer and Revival in Jan. 2011’ leaflet at:

“Rev. Donnie Swaggart (son of Rev Jimmy Swaggart) will minister the uncompromised Word of the Lord and challenge the body of Christ  in Australia to rise up and transform the nations for Jesus…”

“… Pastor Daniel stated, “Do not miss this great opportunity to unite as up to 1000 prayer warriors gather from many denominations and cultures across Australia, to petition heaven for our nation to honor Jesus as Christ.  United prayer will bring down God’s glory; it is the key to nationwide governmental breakthrough.”

Listed as supporters and representatives of this ecumenical prayer gathering are:  “Anglicans, African Churches, AOG, Apostolic, Arabic, Baptist, Catholic, CCC, Chinese, Church of Christ, COC, Orthodox, CRC, FGA, Filipino, Independent Churches, Indian, Indigenous, Indonesian, Lutheran, Messianic Believers, Methodists, Presbyterian, Reformed, Salvation Army, Samoan, Sri Lankan, Uniting & Many Ethnic Churches, Culture Watch, National Alliance of Christian Leaders, Salt Shakers, Australian Marketplace Connections, Victoria Parliament, Transforming Melbourne, Rise Up Australia and Options Plus Care.”

Further evidence of the ungodly Kingdom-Now Dominion agenda of Catch the Fire Ministries is revealed when Daniel Nalliah, chairman of Rise Up Australia Party stated:

“It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the formation of a new political party, RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY (Keep Australia Australian) a party for all people who embrace Australia as home. This Party is totally committed to protecting the Australian way of life and our Judeo-Christian Heritage upon which Australia was founded…The Rise Up Australia Party Board of Directors comprises of Medical Doctors, Housewives, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Christian Ministers and others with more than 20 years of experience in the Political arena. This great bunch of people who love Australia, have been working behind the scenes for the past several months to set up the Party, ready to start operations in June 2011.

The phrase “Judeo-Christian”  used by the dominionists  to promote their agenda is an oxymoron – when two things or words oppose each other.  Therefore, there is no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian Heritage.”

Update:  Daniel Nalliah was the in-studio guest on ‘Francis and Friends’ August 10, 2012. With the blessings of Francis and Donnie Swaggart, who call him a brother, Nalliah used this platform to openly promote the dominionist agenda of the Rise Up Australia Party.

During the first hour of the program, Nalliah, born in Sri Lanka, which has the longest continuous history of Buddhism of any Buddhist nation, referred to Buddha as “Lord Buddha.”

When asked “did you call Buddha Lord Buddha?” by a discerning Christian who called into the program, Nalliah, with the aid of Donnie and Francis, tried to convince the caller that he was only quoting another party.  While continuing to address the caller’s concerns Nalliah once again, quite naturally in my humble opinion, referred to Buddha as “Lord Buddha.”

Donnie Swaggart, Frances Swaggart, Daniel Nalliah, and Jimmy Swaggart

Political Activist Holly Swanson

On April 5, 2013, political activist and author of ‘Set Up & Sold Out What Green Really Means’ Holly Swanson returned as guest speaker on Francis and Friends.  During the two hour program Holly, who is recognized as one of the nation’s top columnists, public speakers, activist, and Director of Operation Green Out, promoted her agenda by encouraging the listening and viewing audience to get involved in political activism (dominionist agenda).

Holly Swanson has spoken at numerous political and ecumenical gatherings including Council For National Policy (CNP) member Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum San Diego 2012 – Rise Up California.  The diverse group of speakers at this meeting included: Wayne Allyn Root, Founder of Root for America, Dinesh D’Souza, best selling author “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” Dran Reese, Founder of Salt and Light Council, Alice Linahan, President of Voices Empower/Activist/National Blogger/Social Media Communication Specialist, Rick Scarborough, Founder of Vision America, Frank Gaffney, Founder of Center for Security policy in Washington, D.C., and catholic priest Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, who was added to the line of speakers at the last minute.

On May 9, 2009, Holly Swanson was one of the guest speakers at Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa ‘The Challenge of Change’ seminar.  Among the many diverse speakers at this meeting were Council For National Policy member Gary Bauer, Mormon Glenn Beck, political activist Brigette Gabriel, who gave video presentations on ‘The Challenge of Change’, and Phyllis Schlafly,  catholic Founder and President of Eagle Forum who spoke on Change – Ready or Not.

Dominionist Nancy Harmon at JSM

Nancy Harmon was guest singer at Jimmy Swaggart’s Easter and Thanksgiving Campmeetings in 2011. Harmon was invited back to sing at the Easter Campmeeting, 2013.

In the 1980’s Kansas City blatant false prophets Paul Cain, Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson, and Mike Bickle coined the term The New Breed.  The New Breed spoken of by these apostates are multitudes of deceived people manifesting false signs and wonders who move only in the “prophetic.”  Called by various names including – New Breed, Joel’s Army, Jesus Army, Jesus Culture, and Joshua Generation, they follow the  Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God false teaching of taking dominion over the earth before Jesus returns.  See  Joel’s Army a Frightening Peek at The New Breed :

Joel’s Army Training Center poster leaves no doubt as to the militant agenda of the Dominionists.

“It is time for a REVOLUTION!  The spirit of Elijah has come. The tabernacle of David has been restored. God has a remnant of young people whose hearts burn for Him. They have been raised for such a time as this. At JATC, you will not only be trained in biblical doctrine, but equipped as end-time warriors executing vengeance upon the adversary.”

The term  New Breed surfaced at Nancy Harmon Ministries when this false prophet claimed “God woke her early one morning telling her He was raising up an army of young people who wouldn’t bow their knee to Baal and the other idols of the land.  This group of Warriors, 300 strong, would help Him usher His End Time Revival in this land before His 2nd Coming!  He wanted Nancy to begin preparing them.”  Harmon refers to these young people as her Mighty Warriors – New Breed.

Nancy’s 2010 Mighty Warriors –  New Breed recruitment video reveals young people mesmerized by listening to the militant song “I Hear The Sound Of The New Breed”.  The video concludes with a very combative young man and young lady stating:  “We are armed and dangerous.  Strong and serious.   Step out of the average, step out of the norm. Be a part of the new breed which is storming the nation.  Launch the new breed explosion.”  The 2010 promo video can be viewed at:

Much prayer is needed for the young as they are being led as lambs to the slaughter by wicked evildoers.

Donnie Swaggart and Benny Hinn – Brothers

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”  Amos 3:3.

On February 18, 2011, Donnie Swaggart, while serving as a panel member on the Sonlife Broadcasting Network program ‘Frances and Friends’ shared with the listening and viewing audience that he had known Benny Hinn for 21 years and he [Hinn] was a brother.

Swaggart’s statement should send up a red flag as heretic Benny Hinn has been working closely with the Knights Templar and Canon Andrew White in an effort to take over Israel.

Donnie Swaggart and Oneness Pentecostalism

Donnie Swaggart was the guest speaker at Built on the Rock International Ministries (BOTR), London, UK, on the 25th and 26th of August, 2012.  BOTR, founded by senior pastor Apostle (or Bishop) Harold Carl McFarlane, is a Oneness Pentecostal Church.  Oneness Pentecostalism, like the Jehovah Witnesses, reject the biblical doctrine of the trinity, baptizing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ only.

Apostle Harold McFarlane & Rick Warren

Francis Swaggart’s Round Table

After a three week absence Frances Swaggart returned on November 5, 2012, to her host chair and a new set. This new black, grey, and red set is very dark, mysterious, and mesmerizing, more suitable for a ritulistic ceremony than a Christian television program. The round table in the center of this garish set should send up a red flag as the “object” on top of the table, when viewed from a certain angle, is a Knights Templar crusader cross.  (See Francis and Friends program archives  at )

Knights Templar Crusader Cross

Strange Fire at Crossfire 

Gabriel Swaggart, leader of  CrossfireYouth Ministries, subtly introduced the attendees of the 2012 International Youth  Conference to the warrior/knight agenda (see Raising a Modern-Day Knights Templar) with  graphics used in an advertisement  promoting this gathering.  The graphic depicts a crimson and gold fringed  banner with a pagan Celtic cross (Crossfire Youth Ministries logo), a head  of a  knight with a crown which  has three horns , along with a clear message  that these young people are  ”Warriors  for Christ.” See the June, 2012, p. 19, July, 2012, p. 19, and  August, 2012,  p.19, editions  of The Evangelist published by  Jimmy Swaggart Ministries at:

Keeping with the warrior/knight theme, Gabriel Swaggart’s ‘Monday Night Fire’ outreach has a black and white crusader shield logo.

Gabriel Swaggart also hosts a once weekly TV show ‘Generation of the Cross’ for youth.  This program airs on Sonlife Broadcasting Network every Saturday morning.  Those with discernment will recognize the symbol used for Gabriel’s “Generation of the Cross’ message is a pagan Celtic cross.

Not only is the Celtic cross clearly visible but the left brain/right brain emotional intelligence behavioral control program symbol, two half circles with an e in one half circle and an i in the other, can be seen throughout this hour long program at the top left hand corner of the screen.  The symbol can also be seen on the weekly Sonlife Broadcasting Network program “Crossfire Youth Ministry’.  See

The concept of emotional intelligence is reported to have originated with evolutionist Charles Darwin who believed mankind must change in-order to survive.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.  Charles Darwin

The networking within the apostate church is like a huge boa constrictor, trying to gobble up the whole of humanity.

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